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Representing Executors and Personal Representatives in Probate and Estate Disputes

Serving as a personal representative in Texas can be difficult, particularly when family interpersonal issues exist among heirs.  In some cases, disputes between family members may have existed for decades.

When one family member is provided with more in a will than another similarly-situated family member, these interpersonal issues can be exacerbated.  In some cases, the family member receiving less (or perhaps nothing) in a will may try to get “their fair share” through contesting the will, or by suing the personal representative.

A family member who has a personal grievance against the other family member named as the personal representative may try to make that person’s job difficult, and may seek to have the personal representative removed, so that he or she can assume control of the administration of the estate.  These are only some examples of the underlying factors that can result in wrongful claims being brought against a personal representative.

We Defend Personal Representatives Against Wrongful Claims

We understand the difficult position that personal representatives may find themselves in through no fault of their own.  Wrongful claims and assertions may be brought against them by disgruntled family members.

When Wrongful Claims are Made, We Are There to Defend Personal Representatives so that they Can Fulfill Their Duties. 

If you are serving as a personal representative of an estate and have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, please call us.  We can meet with you at your convenience.  Once we understand your matter, we can advise you as to how the law impacts your case, and how we will work tirelessly on your behalf to defend you against wrongful claims.


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