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Client Victories

Our two partners collectively have more than 60 years of experience in representing clients in Texas will and trust contests; estate, probate, executor, and personal representative disputes; and contested family limited partnership matters. They are both Board Certified (Estate Planning and Probate Law), Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  A partial list of our client victories includes:

  • Successfully represented client in will and trust contest with over $40 million in issue in which 5 wills and trusts were set aside
  • Successfully represented client in an inheritance dispute involving minerals and land in the Eagle Ford shale that was appealed to the Texas Supreme Court
  • Successfully represented client in a multi-million dollar trust dispute
  • Successfully represented  client in a family limited partnership dispute and breach of fiduciary duty case  involving a South Texas ranch
  • Successfully represented client in connection with a sale of client’s interest in a family company and the settlement of a will and trust contest
  • Successfully represented client in  jury verdict against an executor on behalf of a beneficiary
  • Successfully represented client in will contest for tortious interference with inheritance.
  • Successfully represented client in will contest and breach of fiduciary duty case
  • Successfully represented client in a community property claim and breach of fiduciary duty claim
  • Successfully represented client by winning a summary judgment that was appealed to the Texas Supreme Court
  • Successfully represented client in retirement payment for trustee after defense of the trustee
  • Successfully represented client in will and trust contest
  • Successfully represented client in will contest concerning cash and valuable minerals interests
  • Successfully defended client in a will contest by winning a motion for summary judgment
  • Successfully defended client in an executor and trustee breach of duty case
  • Successfully represented and defended clients in family limited partnership cases
  • Successfully defended trustees and fiduciaries against attack
  • Successfully defended a guardianship and trust challenge


Our past results do not have any bearing on future cases that we accept. As every case is different, we make no guaranty that we will be able to achieve a successful outcome for any client’s case.

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Will Contest, Trust Contest, Estate and Probate Dispute Attorneys in Texas

Dianne Lawter

Dianne Lawter has been representing clients in will and trust contests, estate disputes, and contested matters for more than 20 years. She is a recognized author and frequent speaker on these matters.

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Jack Lawter

Jack Lawter has practiced in the area of trusts and estates for nearly 30 years focusing in trusts and estates litigation for almost 28 years

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Our firm is focused on representing clients in matters involving:

We serve clients in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Austin, and in other cities and counties in Texas.  We generally represent clients in cases where significant assets are in dispute.

We give all our clients the dedicated personal attention they expect and deserve.

We are there for clients at every step of their case, and take the time to explain the legal developments in their case and the strategies that may become available for a favorable result.  We take the fate of our clients to heart, and personally care about the outcome of each case.

We have represented clients in many high profile cases, and have litigated and won cases in Texas trial and appellate courts, and in the Texas Supreme Court.

We Aggressively Litigate on Behalf of Our Clients

Litigation can be emotionally difficult.  We take on the burden of litigation so that our clients can go on with their lives with the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced firm in their corner.

Each client will have specific objectives that they will seek to have achieved.  While we’re known for and take great pride in developing creative solutions, the bottom line is that if a client’s objectives cannot be achieved through negotiation, we and our clients are well prepared for trial.

Unlike many firms, we often accept will contests, trust contests and estate disputes on a contingency fee basis, meaning that clients do not owe us any fees unless we recover a settlement or court award.

We have also defended clients in a number of will, trust, and estate-related claims involving involving significant assets. In these cases, we have successfully helped clients against family members and others seeking to deprive them of their inheritance.

If You Are Seeking Experienced, Tenacious Attorneys in a Will Contest, Estate Dispute, Trust Contest, Probate, or Related Matter, Please Call Us so that We May Meet with You and Learn About Your Case.

When we learn about the facts and circumstances of your case we can explain the likely litigation process and how we will work diligently on your behalf if we are retained.  Upon being retained, we work to develop a strategic litigation plan around the goal of achieving client objectives.

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